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Monday, 26 March 2012

Breaking the Negative Cycle

As we try to uncover all the good work going on in London, we stumbled across this blog by Emeka Egbuonu, Consequences: Breaking the Negative Cycle

About – Emeka Egbuonu (on Twitter @Emeka_bnc)

Emeka Egbuonu is a youth worker for the Crib Youth Project. He grew up in Hackney and as a teenager was a member of the youth project, himself. He now helps run the project and works with young people in several workshops like the media program which helps young people to learn to filming and editing skills. Entrepreneur workshops called YBM’s “Young Business Minds” encourages young people to think about a future career and to think about starting their own businesses.

Emeka first started working with young people when he was 18, as football coach. In this role he was able to bring together young people from different areas to play football together, through love of the game.

Emeka coached Gems FC, an under 16’s team for 2 years during which time he won 4 trophies. Using a football as a tool, then building relationships and eventually using that trust to help push them forward.

Since that time Emeka he has been actively volunteering in the community and working for an organisation aimed at helping young people not in education or employment (NEET) to assert themselves and to move forward in life.

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