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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

New London Street Gangs Blog

Dear all,

Welcome to the new London Street Gangs blogsite.

A decision was made to remove the old blogsite due to a libel claim. The old blogsite was essentially a collection, or library, of gang related news articles copied from various national broadsheets and local London newspapers.

The site was potentially infringing numerous copyright laws and with a collection of secondary articles totalling more than 5,000 reports there are numerous opportunities there to be sought for action against us in the future.

To reduce the potential for any future libel claims this new blogsite has been re-invented with an opportunity to publicise from a different angle.

We will continue to report and incorporate information regarding London Street Gangs at - however, this blogspot has been amended to provide a new free service, a platform and a positive outlook.

We would like to use the London Street Gangs Blogspot to:

- Store information on individuals and groups working in the field of youth justice and gangs

- Publish articles that aim to fairly represent the situation facing London with regard to gangs and youth crime - accurately from neutral perspective, no more hype!

- Highlight successes in working with gangs and groups of young people

- We would welcome practitioners and volunteers to use the blog as somewhere they can share their ideas and successes and communicate with others in this field (if you wish to submit an article then please do, we are happy to publish your thoughts)

- We would also like to have articles written by young people on their take, and to highlight all the good things they are out there doing but not necessarily getting publicity for

- We will continue to use the blog to promote events and services for others

On a hype hype!!! A positive hype hype!

London's 66,000 guns - by Michael Story from chichard41 on Vimeo.

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