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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Robyn Travis' new book coming soon, "Freedom from the Womb, Prisoner to the Streets"...more details to come

The highly anticipated book "Freedom from the Womb, Prisoner to the Streets" is soon to be unleashed. 
The book promises to be one young man's journey through the streets of Hackney and Tottenham, and the truth behind some of Britain's most publicised 'gang wars'. 

From the borough level between Hackney and Tottenham to the first ever 'post code war', between London Fields and Holly Street, this is the real deal. 

If you are hoping to find a tale akin to the likes of Bullet Boy and Top Boy, you won't. This is not a drama, nor a stereotype like what you find in so many books which write about the ends from the outside looking in. This story comes deep from within the heart of it's subject. 

The police, government and media have told you their side of the story and how they perceive it on countless occasions. But now it's time to hear from those who have lived it...

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