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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Untouchables: Dirty Cops, Bent Justice and Racism in Scotland Yard

We will be adding extracts from this important book which has been sparsely circulated and difficult to obtain at a fair price.

Uncovering a history of corruption, cover up, "spin" (lies)and high profile cases such as that of Stephen Lawrence, David Norris and Daniel Morgan, all cases whereby evidence was tainted by corruption leaving them unsolved.

Cast of Characters
“The untouchables”
Paul Condon Commissioner (1993-2000)
John Stevens Commissioner (2000-2005
Deputy Commissioner (1998-2000)
Brian Hayes Deputy Commissioner (1993-1998)
Ian Blair Deputy Commissioner (1998-2008)
Dave Veness Assistant Commissioner
Ian Johnston Assistant Commissioner
Mike Todd Assistant Commissioner
John Grieve Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Roy Clark Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Bill Griffiths Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Roger Gaspar Detective Chief Superintendent (Ghost Squad)
Dave Bailey Detective Superintendent (Ghost Squad)
Dave Woods Detective Chief Inspector (Ghost Squad)
Andy Hayman Commander (CIB3/CIBIC 1999-2002)
Graham James Commander (Discipline & Complaints)
Ian Quinn Commander (CIB2)
Dave Wood Detective Chief Superintendent (CIB3)
Chris Jarratt Detective Superintendent (CIBIC)
Brian Moore Detective Superintendent (CIB3 Operation Ethiopia)
John Coles Detective Superintendent (CIB3 Operation Cornwall)
John Yates Detective Superintendent (CIB3 Operation Russia)
Barry Norman Detective Superintendent (CIB3 Operation Helios)
Martin Bridger Detective Chief Inspector (CIB3 Operation Ethiopia)
Bob Berger Detective Chief Inspector (CIBIC)
Chris McHaffey Detective Chief Inspector (CIB3)
Jill McTigue Detective Chief Inspector (CIB3)
Dave Pennant Detective Chief Inspector (CIB3)
Simon Cousins Detective Chief Inspector (CIB3 Witness Protection Unit)
Shaun Sawyer Detective Chief Superintendent
Bob Quick Detective Chief Superintendent
Barbara Wilding Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Steve Roberts Deputy Assistant Commissioner
David Zinzan Detective Superintendent (IDG)
Tony Fuller Detective Superintendent (IDG)
Steve Foster Detective Chief Inspector (IDG)
Maxine de Brunner Detective Superintendent (ACG)
Jack Kelly Detective Inspector
Steve Bazzoni Detective Inspector
Adrian Harper Detective Inspector
Maggie Palmer Detective Inspector
Peter Ward Detective Inspector
Mark Holmes Detective Inspector

Criminal Supergrasses
Geoff Brennan, Evelyn Fleckney, Hector Harvey, Michael Michael, Maurice O’Mahoney, Richard Price, Jason Proctor, Ashley Sansom, Steve Warner

Police Supergrasses
Kevin Garner, Duncan Hanrahan, Terry McGuinness, Neil Putman, Kalaish Sawnhney (Customs)

Civilians targeted by the Untouchables
Les Brown (solicitor), Debbie Cahill (CPS), Jon Rees (private investigator)

Ex-Cops targeted by the Untouchables
DC Geoff Baldwin, DS John Davidson, DS Sid Fillery, DC Nigel Grayston, DS Keith Green, DS Bob Harrington, DC Martin King, DI Alec Leighton, DI Keith Pedder

Cops targeted by the Untouchables
DS John Bull, DC Mick Carroll, DC Chris Carter, DC Michael Charman, DC Robert Clark, DC Declan Costello, D/Supt Ali Dizaei, DC John Donald, DC Chris Drury, DC Colin Evans, DC Paul Boscomb, DS Len Guerard, DS Eamonn Harris, DC Dave Howells, DS Paul Kelly, DC Tom Kingston, DS Gordon Livingston, DI Fred May, DC Jeff May, DS Denis Miller, DC John Moore, DC Martin Morgan, DI Tim Norris, DC Mark Norton, DS Terry O’Connell, DI George Raison, DI John Redgrave, DC Tom Reynolds, DC Ian Saunders, DC Paul Smith, DC Dave Thompson, DS Barry Toombs, DS Gurpal Virdi, DC Austin Warnes

Integrity is negotiable

[The] scandals that forced Condon’s hand are the “ghosts of the Ghost Squad”. They arise out of three brutal and still unsolved murders in south-east London between 1987 and 1993. These restless souls have stalked the corridors of Scotland Yard for over ten years.

But it’s not just the murder victims who haunt Condon and Stevens eras, so too do the three police investigations of those murders, all of which have the same stench of corruption and cover up.

Among all this scandal is a spate of unexplained suicides of four Scotland Yard detectives who were caught up in separate corruption inquiries.

All these deaths, more than any other events, are the points of entry to the key patterns of corruption that emerged in the ten years, between 1983 and 1993, before the Ghost Squad was launched. They played down or covered up at the time and afterwards.

In 1987, private detective Daniel Morgan was found dead in a pub car park in Sydenham, south-east London, with an axe buried in his skull. He was about to blow the whistle on local police corruption.

A few months later Morgan’s friend, detective constable Alan “Taffy” Holmes, wrapped his chest around a shotgun and pulled the trigger. At the time he was under investigation for corruption, Taffy Holmes was also part of a massive investigation into the biggest robbery ever committed in the UK – the theft of gold worth £26 million from the Brinks Mat depository at Heathrow.

In 1991, Scotland Yard’s most prolific informant, a man called David Norris, was gunned down as he arrived home from the pub. He had just come from a meeting with his police handler when a man, riding pillion on a motorbike, pumped him full of lead. Norris died moments later cradled by his pregnant wife.

The following year, police sergeant Gerry Carroll removed a gun from the armoury and shot himself through the head, at the height of the major corruption probe into officers at Stoke Newington police station. Scotland Yard had been forced to carry out the inquiry after a local community group exposed systematic drug corruption and police brutality that had led to 13 miscarriages of justice.

Then, in April 1993, Black teenager Stephen Lawrence was stabbed to death by white racists with family links to organised drug crime and local cops.

Finally, in September 1993 BBC’s Panorama broadcast a documentary exposing a corrupt South East Regional Crime Squad detective called John Donald. A south-east London drug dealer, who had been arrested by Donald and was facing trial, approached the BBC with a plan for the programme makers to secretly record him paying the bent detective for sensitive information. Police intelligence was eventually passed by Donald to a number of individuals in the criminal fraternity such as Kenny Noye. He was serving the tail end of a 14-year prison sentence for laundering the Brinks Mat gold. Donald’s betrayal was even more acute because Noye had killed an undercover police officer during the Brinks Mat investigation.

This iconic heist was a watershed for organised crime and police corruption. As this book unfolds, it will become apparent just how much the ghost of Brinks Mat continues to haunt Scotland Yard today because the corruption was swept under the carpet over 20 years ago, allowing a “firm within a firm” to grow inside south-east London policing. It is this corrupt firm of detectives we believe eventually contaminated the Morgan, Norris and Lawrence murder inquiries.

Michael Gillard and Laurent Flynn (2004, p.70-71)

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