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Monday, 16 April 2012

Olympic Flames (£1, all profits go to Thusha Kamaleswaran the 5 year old girl cruelly shot and paralysed in the crossfire during a gang shooting at her uncle's small grocery shop in South London)

Olympic Flames 2012 (click here to see at Amazon)

With the London Olympics in 2012 looming less than a year after the riots of August 2011, former policeman Chris Hobbs takes us on a fictionalised, policing scenario where all does not go according to plan. London's street gangs, right wing groups, Islamic extremists, irate fathers, Occupy activists and flash mobbers together with rebellious frontline police officers combine in a volatile Olympic mix that illustrates many of the complex social problems faced by society today.

This thought provoking 32,000 word novella will make uncomfortable reading for politicians and senior police officers alike.

It shows events through the eyes of one despairing cop and shows an escalating degree of problems in London, especially Hackney and Peckham, as the Olympics progresses. Whilst gangs in general and the Peckham gang featured are no angels, they aren't demonised either. The book also strongly suggests that the hierarchy of the Met have clearly 'lost the dressing room' as far as the frontline officers are concerned.

The last few pages show some degree of hope, for the police, the gangs and perhaps the UK generally.

Chris is a recently retired Metropolitan Police officer who served with Special Branch and Operation Trident. Since 2002, he spent a total of 18 months undertaking a number of deployments to Jamaica and is just completing a book which contains both light-hearted recollections of his experiences together with further alarming revelations in respect of UK
border controls.

Chris is a trustee of a small charity which assists Jamaican children from one of Kingston's most dangerous districts, to remain in education and has been privileged to meet many of those children whilst visiting the area in question. He is also an ageing DJ who has actually demonstrated his skills whilst in Jamaica and admits to being a Leyton Orient supporter.