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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Film highlights dangers of gang grooming premieres in Brixton

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10:20am Wednesday 30th May 2012 in

'Tiny' follows one boy battling with the pressures of gang life

A film which will be screened in schools to highlight the grooming of children in gang culture premiered at the Ritzy in Brixton last night.

‘Tiny’ follows the experiences of a boy who is primed by a gang leader and the subsequent tensions he experiences between home, school and gang life.

The production, supported by local charity the St Michael’s Fellowship, was created by about 50 young people from Lambeth, many of whom have been directly affected by gang crime.

Benny Itiari, 21, who shadowed the film’s director, said: “I really hope this film helps educate people about gang grooming so parents and teenagers are aware of the issue and can make the right choices in life."

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