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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

'Hurt' The Motion Picture: Trailer

RECRE8 have recently finished filming a short film alongside the award winning  'Daniel Alexander Films' and 'Pretty Hate Productions'. The 20 minute film, titled 'HURT', highlights the social and personal consequences surrounding Knife Crime and was filmed entirely on location in Birmingham.

The cast were made up completely of young people who have come through Recre8 programmes and the project helped break down barriers between young people in different postcodes as they all worked together throughout the process. The film is scheduled for release circa June 2012. You can WATCH THE TRAILER BELOW!

Recre8 was founded in 2005 by sisters Anulka Varley-Griffin and Daniela Varley, with an aim of creatively reducing offending behaviour amongst young people who would not have necessarily been introduced to the arts.

Recre8 programmes combine PSYCHOLOGICAL THEORIES together with DRAMA TECHNIQUES in order to develop interventions that are evidenced based and scientifically evaluated therefore resulting in a significant positive impact working with young offenders.

Recre8 have also, in line with their programmes, developed a number of performances which are showcased at conferences, training events and schools.

@Recre8now on Twitter

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