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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Musical talent pens Adidas soundtrack

Kensington Informer
Posted by Greg Burns on May 29, 12 01:22 PM in News

A BUDDING musician is on top of the world after winning the chance to record the soundtrack for a global Adidas advert.

Kayvon Razavi, who studied a Creative Music Producer Level 3 course at Kensington and Chelsea College and also goes by the recording name Scyfa, pitched his musical idea to bosses of the sportswear giants with the brief of creating a youthful sound with pace and rythym.

The 22-year-old, of Fulham, went on to win the chance to produce the soundtrack for their four-week international campaign that has aired online, on TV and radio in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland and Canada.

"Adidas explained the concept of the advert and gave me the video so I could match the soundtrack to it," said Mr Razavi. "It took me a few sessions in the recording studio to perfect my idea, although I knew immediately how I wanted it to sound.

"I had to ensure my soundtrack matched their brief exactly as they would never settle for anything less. When I found out I had got the contract I felt quite numb and I don't think it sank in until I saw the final advert with my music on it. I felt really proud at that point."

The talented artist had a passion for music at a young age and said his time at the college helped nurture his skills.

"I'd notice soundtracks to games and would start thinking of ways to put the different sounds together," he said. "As I grew up I became more aware of the sounds around me and realised I wanted to go into music production.

"I have dedicated myself to it ever since. It (the college course) gave me a real insight into performing, production and the importance of organisation. The tutors are also fantastic and very well connected to the music industry.

"I really enjoy producing advert soundtracks as it's a great way to generate income whilst developing myself as an artist and a producer."

Since his success, Mr Razavi has also been asked to produce soundtracks for Audi and Blackberry.

To view the Adidas advert visit

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