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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Rioter jailed for looting Cash Converters given journalism training

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Croydon Advertiser

A RIOTER who was jailed after being caught looting a Cash Converters store during the riots is using journalism as his path to redemption.

Peter Bint is achieving his aim of staying on the straight and narrow by dusting down his notepad and entering the world of reporting.

Peter Bint was imprisoned after the riots, but is now turning his life around by working for youth magazine Limelight

Mr Bint is one of a team of young unemployed people who are learning job skills with Croydon youth magazine Limelight.

With support from Croydon Voluntary Action and corporate charity Croydon Commitment, Limelight publisher Rise Media has secured £5,000 from the Evening Standard Dispossessed fund to offer the job training.

So far the 20-year-old, of High Street, Croydon, has turned his hand to writing articles, interviewing X Factor winner Matt Cardle and MP Gavin Barwell.

Mr Bint said: "Interviewing people and working on the magazine has helped me improve my conversational skills and how to approach people.

"I was a shy person before, but I have come out of myself since working with the magazine and it has really helped my social skills." Above all, he said, working towards something useful has convinced him he can stay out of trouble in the future.

Mr Bint admitted that, before joining Limelight, he "was doing nothing but getting into trouble".

That trouble culminated in August when he got involved in the riots in the town and, after being caught looting, was sentenced to six months in prison.

He said: "Going inside was definitely not a pleasant experience and I never want to be there again."

Looking to the future, Mr Bint said he expected journalism was probably not his forte but that the experience had given him the confidence to start looking for work.

He said: "I have applied for a job as a horticulture apprentice in a garden centre and I have applied to do work experience with Asda.

"This is all helping me keep off the streets."

Adeline Iziren, editorial director of Rise Media, said the funding had given the company the chance to develop key skills and boost the confidence of unemployed young people.

She added: "Rise Media will now endeavour to signpost them to rewarding training and job opportunities."

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