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Thursday, 7 June 2012

WALTHAM FOREST: Anti-gang project for primary school pupils

This is Local London

7th June 2012

A PROGRAM to prevent poorly behaved primary school children becoming criminals later in life is to be launched.

Trained volunteers will become mentors to vulnerable young pupils in Waltham Forest, some of whom are on the verge of exclusion, with the aim of boosting confidence and achievement via a range of activities.

Charity Chance UK, which has received lottery funding for the project, said gangs in Waltham Forest are trying to recruit children of primary school age.

But it claims its work in boroughs such as Hackney, Islington and Lambeth provides effective early prevention to save young people from a life of crime.

Chance UK chief executive Gracia McGrath OBE said: "In Waltham Forest there has been a growing gang culture for some years now and the targeting of vulnerable primary school children as gang members has become a growing problem.

"Chance UK is looking forward to taking on these big challenges and supporting the young people to realise their ambitions."

Cllr Liaquat Ali, cabinet member for community safety, said he believed the project would compliment the council's own anti-gang work through the Enough is Enough initiative. The project is due to begin next year.

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sunn says...
This sounds like a brilliant project. A shame it's been left down to a charity to provide these services that should really be provided by local and national government.

Catching these issues early is by far the most effective antidote to such problems, which if left to fester become much worse and more costly to deal with - both in terms of money and the impact on lives.

I wish Chance UK well!


leyton_man says...
And with this council hell-bent on building gang-breeding ghettos wherever they can, the charity will have its work cut out for many years to come.

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