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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Life in the South London estates portrayed in hard-hitting play

This is Local London

8:10am Thursday 26th July 2012 in On Stage By Nick Hitchens
Life in the South London estates portrayed in hard-hitting play

A hard-hitting new stage play is coming to Croydon.

Conflict was written by a team of youngsters from the area and tackles topics such as gang culture, teen violence and sex, and looks at how the wrong decisions can affect people’s lives.

Written by Tre Young and directed by Marlon King, the play depicts the lives of two families and the various conflicts they face.

It also focuses on the contradicting, rebellious and hard lives of teenagers, which can lead to unfortunate circumstances with potentially devastating consequences.

A spokesman for the production says: “According to New Scotland Yard figures, knife crime in London has increased by almost 10 per cent.

“The Metropolitan Police has documented that more than 250 different gangs are engaged in battles across London’s poorest areas and gang members are getting increasingly younger.

“It is evident they are caught up in a separate fight for survival as they encounter various challenges in what are arguably the greatest challenges they will ever face.”

Conflict; Fairfield Halls; September 8, 7.30pm, tickets £15; call 0208 688 9291

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