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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Riots film shows ‘life-saving attempts’ on Mark Duggan in Tottenham

Tottenham Journal
by Tim Lamden

Friday, July 6, 2012

A powerful new documentary about last summer’s riots features never-before-seen footage of attempts to save Mark Duggan’s life moments after he was shot by police marksmen.

It is the result of four months’ filming by a team of 14 budding young film-makers from Fully Focused Community, a Haringey-based youth media group set up by Hornsey-born director Teddy Nygh, who began interviewing rioters and those affected by the disorder just four days after it began.Riot From Wrong received its world premiere last night at Rio Cinema, in Dalston, as part of the East End Film Festival, and will now be shown at film festivals across the country in the coming months.

Retracing the origins of the project, Mr Nygh said: “Young people felt they were really being demonised and a deeper story wasn’t being told. We made the decision we had to get out with cameras and do a bit of looking deeper ourselves.”

Starting in Tottenham, the group followed the spread of the disorder across London and then England - filming in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Mr Nygh said: “What we wanted to achieve was to look deeper than the riots, at the issues in our society that have got us to a position where something like this could happen, and to ensure that society doesn’t sweep these issues under the carpet.”

The documentary team also spoke to a brother and aunt of Mr Duggan, whose death sparked the nationwide disorder, as well as a number of his friends, one of whom was in a house near to where the 29-year-old was killed in Ferry Lane on August 4.

From there, he filmed what he claims is police officers performing CPR on Mr Duggan in the moments after his shooting - footage which features in the documentary.

Mr Nygh said: “We spoke to some of his closest friends who hadn’t spoken to the media and that meant the film has some really personal accounts of what had happened.”

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