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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

WALTHAM FOREST: 'End the killing' pleads mother of murdered teen

Waltham Forest Guardian
4th July 2012

By Daniel Binns »

THE mother of an innocent teenager who was stabbed to death in a tower block has made an emotional plea for an end to knife crime.

Barikisu Iddisah with a photo of her son Wahab Zaaki.

It comes after two youths were convicted last week of killing her 18-year-old son Wahab Zaaki in Atlee Terrace, Prospect Hill, Walthamstow, back in March 2009.

Kai Shannon, who was found guilty of murder, and Abubakar Alawi, convicted of manslaughter, both aged 20, will be sentenced on Friday (July 6).

Mr Zaaki’s grieving mother Barikisu Iddisah, 40, has endured a tortuous wait for justice, with the killers only being arrested in 2011 – two years after the murder.

She told the Guardian: “I knew one day the truth would come out and we do have justice at last.

“But what I’m going through I don’t wish for any parent. I don’t want to hear of any more murders or victims.

“We need to stop the killing. It’s destroying people. They haven’t just taken one life, I’m dead alive, my life has been ruined.

“I have my daughter but she’s not herself after this.”

Ms Iddisah, of Peach Grove in Leytonstone, said she hoped the killers, who she accused of having a lack of remorse, would get lengthy sentences.

She said: “They need to stay in jail for the benefit of other youths out there.

“They don’t have morals, they don’t know how it feels to lose somebody. Killing people doesn’t solve anything.”

Mr Zaaki, of Old Church Road in Chingford, was with his friend Reece Williams in the stairwell of the block when they were suddenly attacked by the duo.

Prosecutors were unable to establish a motive for the killing but believed Mr Zaaki must have been in a row with the duo prior to the murder.

Shannon, of Elmore Street in Islington and Alawi, of Essex Road, Leytonstone, were also convicted of wounding with intent.

Contrary to previous reports, there is no evidence Mr Zaaki was in a gang himself.

His mother also said reports that he was drinking prior to the attack are untrue, as no alcohol was found in his system during a post mortem.

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