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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Peace concert highlights alternatives to guns and violence

Wandsworth Guardian
By Alexandra Rucki »

A peace concert was held on Friday to highlight alternatives to guns and violence.

Peace concert highlights alternatives to guns and violence

Hundreds of youngsters turned up to the seventh annual peace concert held in the Wandsworth Town Hall Civic Suite, West Hill in Wandsworth.

It was organised by charity Storm Empowerment, after founder Marie Hanson's own son was stabbed. Knife arches had been erected at the entrance and everyone entering was scanned to ensure they were not carrying weapons.

A number of high profile speakers attended the event, including James Bond actor Colin Salmon, up-and-coming MC Lady Leshur and a performance from Cashtastic.

Peace concert highlights alternatives to guns and violence

There were also a number of stalls set up help young people find employment and volunteering opportunities.

Chris Preddie, cousin of Damilola Taylor's killers who helps steer young people away from crime, entertained the crowds.

Borough Commander Chief Superintendent David Chinchen also spoke to those attending, while viewers had the chance to take to the stage themselves with an open mic opportunity.

Corinna St Aimee, 16, a student said: "I've been to a few peace concerts in the past and I wanted to volunteer and experience what it is like. I think it is great to show there is an alternative to a life of crime."

Kari Batula, 19, choreographer of dance group Afrika, said: "It was great, wonderful, fantastic. It is giving young people something to do and be proud of, making sure they are being remembered for something."

Peace concert highlights alternatives to guns and violence

The mayor of Wandsworth, Councillor Adrian Knowles, spoke in a bid to encourage young people into apprenticeships.

He said: "This is a great incentive in trying to steer people away from crime. Always say no to violence."

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