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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Imagine Garden - Newham

Newham Recorder
August 22, 2012 Wednesday

There have been 67 people killed in Newham either by a gun, knife or a sharp instrument since the year 2000. (Metropolitan Police Service figures).

If you have been directly or indirectly affected by any of these deaths, this is your chance to make a difference and perhaps save some lives.

The Imagine Garden is a peace garden dedicated to the memory of gun crime victim John Lennon and to Newham's victims of gun and knife crime since the year 2000.

The garden is for everybody including schools and groups. The garden idea is supported by Ms Yoko Ono Lennon, the friends of Plashet Park committee and many others including the charity Through Unity.

Time is running out. The Newham Council masterplan for Plashet Park stage 2 application to the Heritage Lottery Fund Parks for People Scheme is due to be submitted at the end of August.

Please join the petition, you will need to post a plain piece of A4 paper with name and address with the heading "I, the undersigned, petition the council to include the Imagine Garden into the Plashet Park masterplan stage 2 application to the Heritage Lottery Fund Parks for People Scheme".

You can sign the petition and state whether you live, work or study in Newham. You must state your employer or place of study in Newham if you do not reside there.

Post the petition sheet as soon as possible to: The Head of Committees & Partnerships Democratics Services, London Borough of Newham, 3rd Floor East Wing, Newham Dockside, 1000 Dockside Road, London E16 2QU.

Please visit for more information.

Mr Jason Pearson East Ham

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