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Monday, 3 September 2012

1,500 arrests and 125 weapons seized in six months of war on London gangs

Evening Standard

Tackling: Gang violence is falling in London since a taskforce was deployed six months ago to crackdown on crime

Simon Freeman

03 September 2012

Serious violence among young people in the capital has fallen by 34 per cent in six months after police launched a crackdown on gangs.

The Met said the drop meant 1,000 fewer victims since the start of Trident Gang Crime Command in February.
Knife injuries involving under-25s have reduced by 29 per cent and the number of times a gun was fired dropped by 21 per cent.

The unit was set up to spearhead a renewed and long-term approach to tackling gangs, and officers have been involved in targeted operations to tackle and disrupt gang activity.

Since April, more than 1,500 known gang members have been arrested, many of them charged with serious offences, and 125 weapons have been taken off the streets across London.

A Met spokesman said: “We have also worked with partners to divert young people away from joining gangs and becoming involved in gang crime by supporting them into a number of schemes such as mentoring, how to gain employment, substance misuse programmes and help with housing issues.” Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe said: “We know gangs are responsible for a lot of violent crime.

“It is early days but it seems this dedicated team is making a difference in tackling gang crime. It is part of our total policing approach. There is more to come.”

Commander Steve Rodhouse said: “We have been working hard, with our communities and partners, to tackle gang crime and divert young people from getting involved. We are never complacent and there is still much to do. We always said that this was a long-term commitment to deal with a difficult and embedded issue.

“We are working to create a hostile environment for offenders, gang members and those who support them and their criminal activity.

“We will continue to build better intelligence pictures and the central teams will pro-actively work in tandem with boroughs, arresting and targeting those individuals responsible for crime.” Mayor Boris Johnson said: “By cracking down on gang activity we are successfully bringing down knife- and gun-related crimes.

“There is no place in our city for youth violence and we are doing everything possible to stop young people being lured into criminal networks.

“It will take the continued efforts of the police and communities working together to tackle gangs, but there is no greater priority than stopping

violent crime.”

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