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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

What do you say when the police stop you? This is what you should say

What do you say when the police stop you? This is what you should say (you must not be doing anything wrong, or committing a crime)

'Hello, what is your name please?'

'Good day to you officer'. (You say this first as you come in peace - have your iPhone or portable HD camera ready and film them for your own protection)

'I asked what is your name? Name and address please?'

'Am I obliged to give you my name officer?'

'Yes we're the Police'

'Is that a lawful request or a 'legal request officer?' (If it's lawful they need to tell you what law you've broken) (If it's a legal - which is an 'act' you say you don't stand under 'acts'. Acts ARE NOT laws and it needs YOUR consent to come into force) REMEMBER NO CONSENT = NO COMPLY.

If the police say 'do you understand?' never say yes - they use legalise and turn around the words - so if you answer yes I understand - you have now contracted with them and 'stand under' their authority - meaning that you come under them. What you are supposed to say is 'No I do NOT stand-under that authority'.

Now you can still not consent to giving Police any info - they will either let you go - or they can arrest you - if they do arrest you, say NOTHING, sign NOTHING and say you are getting arrested ON DURESS AND THREAT.

They will probably keep you in cells for few hours, but they will then come to their senses that you're not a criminal and this was a complete waste of time.

After you can sue them for kidnap and false imprisonment.

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