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Monday, 29 October 2012

City Hall urges long-term view on gangs crackdown

London 24 (East London Advertiser)

Monday, October 29, 2012
7:32 PM

London politicians say police plans to reduce the influence of gangs in the capital need to be more robust.

Members of the London Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee have told the London Crime Reduction Board there needs to be long-term prevention and diversion programmes to change young people’s behaviour.

The body also called for greater emphasis on the role the voluntary and community sectors can play in engaging with those most at risk of becoming gang members or their victims.

Chairman Joanne McCartney said: “Achieving a sustained long-term reduction in gang related crime and the deep damage it does to communities in London is not a pipe dream.

“Success in other cities around the world shows that a concerted effort is needed to match police enforcement with programmes to prevent young people from joining gangs and to divert those who have already taken the wrong path.

“If the London Crime Reduction Board and the Mayor are to deliver an anti-gangs strategy that not only sounds impressive but really delivers on the ground, they will need to spell out the details of how their ambitious and laudable aims are to be achieved.”

The Committee will examine the strategy’s progress in reducing gang crime in early 2013.

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