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Friday, 19 October 2012

Enemies at the gate as film crew is called to the bar

North London Today
Friday, 19 October 2012

Best of enemies: Actors Tom Carey and Emma Barton in Enfield

By Koos Couvée
A LOW-BUDGET gangster drama which revolves around child trafficking and has attracted several celebrated British actors is currently being shot in Enfield. 

Despite having a budget of only £10,000, the film features Michael McKell, who has appeared in Emmerdale and Doctors, The Dark Knight’s Ian Pirie and former EastEnders star Emma Barton, as well as Tom Carey and Kris Johnson, who starred in The Magnificent Eleven

Yesterday, the film crew were at The Wheatsheaf pub in Baker Street, Enfield.

The script of the 90-minute drama, which is set to be released in the spring of next year, revolves around a friendship between two gangster bosses which ends in war after one of them finds out that the other is trafficking young girls from eastern Europe.

The production company behind the film, set in Enfield and other parts of north London, is Red Guerilla Films, set up last year by Tony Currier, 41, of Cowdrey Close, Enfield, his wife Catherine Mercella, Nik Styllianou and his brother Peter Styllianou, who wrote the script.

Producer Mr Currier said: “When I read Peter’s script, I was blown away and I really wanted to make this work.

“The subject matter is punchy and the story line is really strong. Who Needs Enemies is not your standard gangster flick. It’s got a lot of substance to it.”

Peter Styllianou, from Crouch End, said: “The story revolves around the moral dilemma some of the characters have about child trafficking, so there is a strong drama element to the film and it brings social issues to the foreground.

“Most gangster films show gangsters simply as bad people, but this tries to show that even in the underworld there is good and evil.”

And Ms Barton, who plays the girlfriend of one of the gangsters, told the Gazette: “I think this film is a great way to promote British writing and the British film industry.

“It is edgy and I think it’s going to be a great success.”

Mr Currier expects Who Needs Enemies to be shown at film festivals across Europe next year and is hoping the it will make it into British cinemas in summer.

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