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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Gang musical North Side Story showed 'potential' of Enfield's young people

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1:45pm Tuesday 23rd October 2012 in By Hermione Wright
Young people performing North Side Story on Saturday

A musical about gang culture showed the “potential” of young people in Edmonton.

Young people from Edmonton's youth centres spent ten weeks rehearsing for the performance of North Side Story at the Millfield Theatre in Silver Street on Saturday evening.

The youths reworked musical West Side Story to create a story based on the streets of north London.

Ola Lawal, assistant manager of Craig Park Youth Centre, said: “It was fantastic, it was very powerful.

“It showed the potential of young people who rose to the challenge. They have all grown in confidence from their performances.

“They are thinking about a career in the creative arts so it has definitely been a big boost to their self esteem. Now they know they can do it.”

He said the youths came from all corners of the borough and decided to pick up on some of the "gang issues" in Edmonton.

Raique Ullah, manager of Enfield Youth Hub which coordinated the musical, said: “It was absolutely fantastic. Of course it is a dream come true for the staff and for the young people having put a lot of work in the last for months and it worked out well.

“It was a massive performance, with what is happening in Edmonton, we looked at the positive side of what young people can do.”

Mr Ullah said he hopes to build on the young people’s success by organising a future musical.

He was pleased so many people showed up to support the project, with almost all the tickets being sold out.

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