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Friday, 12 October 2012

The Issue on Gang Culture in London

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The Issue on Gang Culture in London
Friday 12th October 2012

Living in London, we are all exposed to gang elements; whether that is being involved in a gang, knowing someone involved in a gang, or just hearing about gangs via the news and social media. Communities and lives are ruined through gang activity and is an issue that needs to be addressed, especially by young people themselves.

As an active young person aspiring to make a positive impact on myself and others around me, I get involved in as many things as possible that will enhance my career and help young people – such as myself – to achieve and become successful.

In June 2012 I got involved in an organisation called iStreet Lab, a portable, diverse, social media equipment point that consists of visual, audio and promotional media. iStreet Lab works in partnership with a Gangs Prevention Program (GPP) “Enough is Enough” to tackle the issue in relation to gangs. The iStreet team have been working together over a 3 month period, filming footage on three aspects of gang culture: what a gang is, family intervention and stop and search. All three topics explain how gangs affect families and communities and what help the GPP can offer active gang members. They also explain to young people their rights when dealing with the police and what information they will be expected to hand over when being stopped and searched.

Once all three videos have been edited, they will be shown to young people, raising awareness of the GPP showing them that there are opportunities out there and for them to gain more of and understand on the matter. One way this will happen is through social media which is the best way to communicate and connect with young people as it’s fast and “speaks their language”; instead of handing them a thirty page booklet to read.

There are hundreds of opportunities for young people to get involved in; however these chances have not been given enough exposure and it’s time that young people are offered the support and motivation they need to develop careers and life skills.

Leah Wallace-Alleyne
Social Media Intern

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