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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

13th December Conference: How Gangs Operate in Colleges Location: London - Venue tbc

13 December 2012

09:30 - 16:00

Greater London

How Gangs Operate in Colleges
Location: London - Venue tbc

Are gangs and youth violence a concern in your College? Can you spot the signs of gang behaviour?
This one day workshop aims to address your concerns about gangs and serious youth violence and equip you with tools to help prevent problem groups in your College.

The AoC London region has produced a detailed checklist of possible interventions for Colleges to consider; this workshop will be based on the checklist as well as the experiences of a serving police officer who is involved in work with Colleges to reduce gang and serious youth violence. You will learn how to recognise gang activity, then explore the various interventions that are open to College practitioners.

Objectives of the day
  • To recognise and identify gangs and the individuals at risk of joining
  • To identify the signs and impact of gang activity and serious youth violence in a College and the wider community
  • To explore some of the options on the AoC checklist for working with partners and agencies to reduce gang and serious youth violence

What will I get out of it?
  • A clear understanding of gangs, the individuals at risk and the actual or potential impact on your College and the wider community
  • A copy of the AoC London College checklist of interventions in regard to Gangs and Serious Youth Violence
  • The opportunity to discuss the different approaches in the checklist and share information with other delegates to encourage further innovation
  • The award of a 'Skills for Security' certificate of attendance for CPD purposes

Who should attend?
  • Principals and CEO's
  • Vice Principals
  • Duty Management Team members
  • Policy Makers
  • Health and Safety staff
  • Heads of Security
For further information or to book online please visit:

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