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Friday, 16 November 2012

NEW BLOG: Voice of The Hood

This is a relatively new blog, full of insight, humour, intelligence and reasoning, brought to us by @JamaineJones, see extracts from one of his articles below:

Music and so called Gang Crime in Battersea


“I’ve had enough panicking, I’m gunna turn to the dark side like Anakin, it’s been hard but I’m managing Dough’s [money] been hard [to get] so I’m managing”.

‘Unidentified Gang Member’

The quotation above was taken from the music of a Gang member and like most of their music, the lyrics exposes how their culture and beliefs contribute to their so called criminality. As argued previously, I strongly believe that the specific nature and culture within Battersea contributes to mentality that links to what the majority of society call 'Gang Mentality' and thus an analysis of Trap music should provide an insight into the culture which influences Gang members. This particular lyric reveals that a gang member is rejecting the socially acceptable means of attaining wealth (‘I’ve had enough panicking’) and is now using other illegal methods to attain wealth (‘turning to the dark side’). Upon deeper analysis of (T)rap music, it could be argued that, there is ‘strain[2]’ amongst Gang members due to their failure to attain wealth via legitimate methods and therefore Gang members have created a subculture, which celebrates criminal behaviour and creates illegal economic opportunities for members that legitimate Battersea failed to offer.

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