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Thursday, 27 December 2012

More funds to tackle youth violence

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December 27, 2012 Thursday

FURTHER funds are to be pumped into tackling youth violence as part of a wider push to stamp out gang and knife crime, it has been announced.

An additional £500,000 will be used to support young people at risk of becoming violent offenders and those already involved in gang and knife crime, to encourage them onto a different path, the Home Office said.

It will also expand its Ending Gang and Youth Violence frontline team, which already covers Lewisham and Greenwich along with 27 other places.

Home Secretary Theresa May said: "Serious youth violence has a devastating impact on communities and needs to be stopped. We need to change the life stories of the young people who too often end up dead or seriously injured on our streets or are sucked into a life of violence and crime."

Ms May said the new package of support would help police "protect communities" as well as boost the work done by charities and voluntary groups.

The Home Office previously announced £18 million of funding until 2013 to support the police, local agencies and voluntary sector to tackle knife, gun and gang-related violence and prevent youth crime.

The additional £500,000 will go to the £4 million Communities Against Guns, Gangs and Knives Fund, which supports 189 voluntary and community sector organisations.

Recipients of the Communities Against Guns, Gangs and Knives fund will be announced in the new year. The four new areas to receive support through the Ending Gang and Youth Violence team are Hammersmith and Fulham, Merton, Leeds and Bradford.

The Government's Ending Gang and Youth Violence report was published in November 2011 in the wake of the August riots.

Gang injunctions were made available for under 18-year-olds and new offences of threatening with a knife in a public place or school were introduced, among changes brought in by the Government.

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