This blog is all that remains from the former website which was closed after 8 years of providing a 'wiki' of urban street gangs in London.

An unfinished history of modern urban street gangs in London has been used to replace some of the content of the original site, beginning here

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

East London Gangs

Below is a list of gangs, crews, urban street collectives etc. from East London - last updated in mid-2012.

Please read the About Gangs pages in conjunction with these lists, weary of the fact 'Gangs' terminology is hugely ambiguous. 

It is important to note that a wide ranging type of predominantly street gangs, or youth groups with collective identities, are listed within the site, some more serious than others. Of all groups listed that are currently active only 35% have been involved in rivalries which have resulted in murders. These gangs are located primarily in inner-city areas.

London Borough of Hackney
(E2 / E5 / E8 / E9)

  • 925/NTF
  • A-Road / Evelyn Court Boys
  • Certified Ballance Road
  • Certified Southwold Road
  • E5th Rydaz
    • Gilpin Money Gang
  • Kingshold Boys
    • Graveyard Boys
  • Fellows Court Boys
  • Hindle House Thugs
  • Holly Street Boys
  • Jack Dunnings Boys (aka Trap Dunnin)
  • Kingsmead Boys
  • London Field Boys
    • Mash Town (Music Crew)
    • Ride Out Squad (Music Crew)
  • Mothers Sq / Clapton Sq
  • Mountford 
  • Northwold Boys
  • Pembury Boys
  • Spring Block
  • Trelawney
  • Trowbridge
  • Whiston Road Boys
See inactive/defunct page for Hackney Boys, Haggerston Fields Combined, Rowdy Bunch; Well Street Boys and others.

London Borough of Newham
(E6 / E7 / E12 / E13 / E15 / E16)

  • Abbey Lane
  • Beckton (Black Gang)
  • Canning Town (Grey Town)
  • Chadd Green (Green Gang)
  • Custom House (White Gang)
  • ECG / E7 Crip Gang (Blue Gang)
    • Crip Gang / Blue gang
    • E-Block
    • Kamikaze Crew
    • Mobb'd Out Crew
    • Smooth Money Makers
    • Woodgrange
  • East Ham (Purple Town)
  • East Side Boys
  • Estate Boys
  • Forest Gate Massive
    • P-Road (Plashet Road)
  • "Greengate" (Plaistow Mandem)
  • Manor Park / Robbery City
  • Maryland Bloods
  • Paki Panthers
    • Asian Virus
    • Pathans (Plashet Park)
  • Portuguese Mafia
  • "Stratford & Plaistow Boys"
    • Blood City
    • Young Blood City
    • Thatch House Thugs
See inactive/defunct page for African Devils, Jeepers, Newham Seven (1980's Trial), Alma Tugz, Take Over Network / Network, Thatched Manz and others.

London Borough of Tower Hamlets
(E1 / E2 / E3 / E14)

  • Aberfeldy Massive
  • Bethnal Green Massive
    • Turin Massive
    • Shoreditch Cartel
    • White Flatz
  • Bomb Squad (Music Group)
  • Bow Muslim Souljahs
  • Brady Street Massive
  • Brick Lane Massive
  • Brune House Boys
  • Burdett / BDT
  • Cannon Street Posse
  • Cleveland State Massive
  • E3 Bloods
    • Devons Road
    • Ennerdale
    • Grafton
    • WolfPack
  • Globe Town Massive
  • Green Bangers
  • IOD/Isle of Dogs
    • Cubitt Town Massive
    • Harbinger Massive
    • Tiller Road Boys
    • Timberwharves Massive
  • Jubilee Street Massive
  • Lansbury Massive
  • Lincoln State Massive
  • Limehouse Massive
  • Locksley State Massive
  • Poplar Massive Crew
  • Shadwell Massive
  • Stepney Posse
  • Stroudley Walk Boys
  • Trellis Square Boys
  • True Tredegar Thugs
  • Wapping Mandem
London Borough of Waltham Forest
(E4 / E10 / E11 / E15 / E17)
  • Beaumont Crew (Base)
  • Boundary Boys (B-Street)
  • Coppermill / C9 (CM)
  • Drive & Marlowe (DM)
  • Lower Stow / Essex Close
  • Loyal Soldiers
    • Acacia Block (Montagu Road)
    • Cathall Thugs
  • Oliver Close Boys
    • BDG
    • M-Block
  • Paki Panthers
    • E1074 Asians
  • Piff City
    • Chingford Hall / RBG
    • Friday Hill / Hatch
    • Selrack
  • Priory Court Boys (Grey Gang)
    • Grey Gang
    • Gunz Money Drugs
    • Shanklin Youngers
    • Devon Youngers
  • Thatch House Thugs
See inactive/defunct page for Barrier Mandem, Young Guns Crew (Music Group) and others.

"Essex Boroughs"

London Borough of Barking & Dagenham

  • African Devils (defunct)
  • Albanian Troops / Hellbanianz
  • Dagenham White Gang
    • D-Ville 
    • Outskirt Gangsters (OSG)
    • Mardy / Hoodgang 
    • Dagz Ardest Gang (DAG)
  • Cash Highly Stacked / Devils of Chadwell (Chadwell Heath)
  • Harts Lane Gang
  • Set Gang / Gascoigne Estate
  • SWAT / Purple Gang
London Borough of Redbridge
  • Full Klip (see B-Block)
    • Half Klip (see B-Block)
    • B-Block / Purple Gang (Broadmead)
  • HQ - Hainault
  • Ilford Tamils (Sothi Boys)
  • Illtown Mandem
    • Ilford Top Criminals / Illtown Cartel
    • Ministry of Darkness / Mainly Orn Doe
    • Loxford / LOX
    • Money Comes Easy (Yunga LOX)
    • About Dat Paper
    • Younger Ministry (defunct)
    • Good Becomes Evil (defunct)
  • Q-Base
  • Wanstead Trap Soldiers / Yellow Gang


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  2. yep this is all facts man it just such a shame that non of this exists anymore on a street level that got shut down after the olympics road clean up happened #Period. London street gangs are a thing of the past man & I'm glad to have lived through & experienced that era.

    Not to condone that type of lifestyle no but to just see better and more diverse london uk times then now a days because now its all social media, internet hype and wanna be american hype from these new generation youths.

    No longer is it a real life up in your face situation no more in the city so yeah it is what it is, straight pussio soft days we are living in when it comes to the urban side of london.

    - Kingz #RKA