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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

West London Gangs

Below is a list of gangs, crews, urban street collectives etc. from West London - last updated in mid-2012.

Please read the About Gangs pages in conjunction with these lists, weary of the fact 'Gangs' terminology is hugely ambiguous.

It is important to note that a wide ranging type of predominantly street gangs, or youth groups with collective identities, are listed within the site, some more serious than others. Of all groups listed that are currently active only 35% have been involved in rivalries which have resulted in murders. These gangs are located primarily in inner-city areas.

City of Westminster 
 (W2 / W9 / W10 & NW8/SW1)
  • Bengali Green Mans (NW8)
  • Congolese Section 
  • Edgware Road Boys
    • Kurds Taking Over 
  • Horror Road Alliance
    • Cant Roll In My Ends
    • Grey Dayz 
    • Touch Money Greys
    • Grimiest Movement
    • Street Diplomats (defunct)
  • Lisson Green Mandem (NW8)
    • Older Green Manz
    • Lisson Green Manz
    • Younger Green Manz
  • Maida Vale Mob
  • Mozart Bloods
  • Pimz Town (Pimlico; SW1)
    • Brookside
    • Catch Them Murderers / Churchill Gardens
    • E-Block
    • Page Street
London Borough of Ealing 
(W3 / W5 / W7 / W13 / W14 / UB1 / UB2 / UB5 / UB6)
  • Gritset
  • Murder Dem Pussies
    • OMD/Original Mandem
    • FDA/Fuck Da Authority
    • GFL/Gunz Fully Loaded
  • Maximum Profit
  • Original Acton Boys / Original Acton Gangsters
See inactive and defunct for gangs such as Holy Smokes, Tooti Nungs and others.

London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham 
(W6 / W12 / W14 / SW6)
  • Fulham Town / F-Town
  • Instruments of Cruelty
  • Make Paper Regardless
  • Murder Dem Pussies
    • OMD/Original Mandem
    • FDA/Fuck Da Authority
    • GFL/Gunz Fully Loaded
  • West Kensington Mandem
    • Avonmore Goons
See inactive and defunct for gangs such as Prada Mob, Rolex Robbers, Underground G's and others.

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea 
(W8 / W10 / W11 / SW3 / SW5 / SW7 / SW10)
  • Coldhearted Cru (defunct)
  • Instruments of Cruelty
  • Ladbroke Grove (Golborne side)
  • Ladbroke Grove (Latimer side)
  • SW10 (Worlds End)
Outer West Gangs of Note

London Borough of Hillingdon
  • Purple Hayes 
    • Section 18
    • Bully Unit

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