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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Brixton director raises £10,000 for new new film through ‘crowdfunding'

Miranda Bryant, Evening Standard

20 March 2013

A new film inspired by true stories of gang culture in south London is to be shot in Brixton after raising £10,000 online in just three days through “crowdfunding”.

Writer-director Rebecca Johnson secured the donations after posting a video of herself online standing in Stockwell Park Estate, where she plans to shoot the film, appealing for money.

Johnson, who is looking to cast young people from the area, won widespread acclaim for her short film Top Girl.

So far the project, which is set to start filming in August, has attracted the attention of investors including Laurie Holden, star of hit US TV series The Walking Dead.

Johnson said: “This is a unique project and one I have immense pride in as a Brixton resident.”

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