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Monday, 8 April 2013

Final Push Needed To Tour Gang Film Nationwide

Voice Online
Over £3,000 still needed to make director's vision a reality
Written by Mary Isokariari
08/04/2013 11:58 AM

GANG CULTURE: A poster for the film One Mile Away

TIME IS running out for a Birmingham based film project to raise £20,000 to spread the word across the UK.

The team behind One Mile Away directed by award-winning filmmaker Penny Woolcock, have three days to come up with £3,764 needed for the distribution costs to take the film on tour.

The film charts the attempts by two warring gangs in inner city Birmingham, the Burger Bar Boys (B21) and the Johnson Crew (B6), to bring peace to their neighbourhoods.

Alicia Barnes, 23, the project coordinator, said it was extremely important for as many young people as possible to see the film because gangs were not just a problem in Birmingham, but a prevalent issue worldwide.

“If we don’t reach the £20,000 target then we don’t get any of the money at all, so it’s a race against time.”

The fundraising campaign, which launched on the Kickstarter website last month ends on April 11, and so far has been backed by 317 people donating a combination of £16,236.

Produced with support from BritDoc, and funded by Channel 4 and Creative England, the film has received positive feedback from both national press and social media. It has also won the prestigious Michael Powell Award for the Best British feature film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2012.

Having recently sold-out screenings in Birmingham, as well as across venues in London’s Hackney, Brixton and Peckham in London, the Production Company, also called One Mile Away, vision is for the film to change lives and leave a legacy behind.

The #RoadToFreedom Tour kicks-off on the 15th April at the start of the summer school term and will hopefully carry on until the autumn depending on how much money is raised from the campaign.

Alicia said that the aim was to educate the young generation away from the gang culture crime.

She added: “The people who will be on the tour have lived that lifestyle – they now have children and don’t want them to grow up in that type of environment, so they want to make the community better.”

Monday 8th April – Screening at the Oakland Young People’s Centre, Oakland Rd, Birmingham at 6pm. Q + A from 8pm.

To donate please visit the Kickstarter website:

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