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Friday, 26 April 2013

Mothers Against Gangs

Mothers Against Gangs empowers parents through information, training, awareness, education and recreation so that we are able to lead our children away from crime and gang culture.
Mothers Against Gangs (MAG) is an independent support group of mothers from all backgrounds who have come together as a result of our personal experiences with family members. By using these experiences and collective knowledge we are able to support families with concerns or issues regarding young people. We offer support and advice to parents and young people involved in or on the cusp of gang involvement.

Our ultimate goal is to create a safe and peaceful environment in which there is understanding, respect and harmony between the mothers of different cultures so that our children do not become rivals but work together as one. That our children develop respect for authority, become good citizens and no longer feel the need to choose the life of gang culture but to be self sufficient and reliant.

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