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Monday, 22 April 2013

Prisoner to the Streets Event FREE ENTRY HACKNEY EMPIRE 9th JUNE

#Prisonertothestreets Is having a second book launch. @the #Hackney-Empire. On the 9th June (Sunday)

I was told that many people enjoyed the first one in Tottenham. No doubt that this one is due to be a very special one as well.

On the day, Special performers, special host and special guests. So come down and be a part of the good vibes, and get yourself or someone you know a copy of the book/message entitled #Prisonertothestreets

This event is FREE-ENTRY only because the farder made it possible!!

If you feel like you want to support this event out loud! Then PLEASE feel free to spread this INVITE by either #reposting it on your #instagram #Facebook #Twitter or even by word of mouth! #Thats 9th June 2013- Hackney Empire from 5pm-8pm. Give thanks!

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