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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Working with Young People in Gangs: Culture, Communities and Preventative Strategies

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Triple Helix Training
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Working with Young People in Gangs: Culture, Communities and Preventative Strategies

29th May 2013

9.30am – 4.30pm

Venue: Oval House, Kennington Oval, SE11


  • Utilising information gained from studies made by the Home Office, Police Forces in the UK and abroad, and street level experience in the field, this program aims to:
  • Understand how UK gang culture has developed
  • Understand how to replicate good practice in working with communities on how to deal or prevent gang influences
  • Understand how a young person's sense of self-identity can be related to gang culture
  • Understand how to use referral routes and coping strategies and signposting those affected, offering young people an alternative to gang culture
Target group:

The course is useful for those in Schools, Youth Work, Housing offices, The Police, Mentors, Social Workers, Foster Carers and others who work with young people, in, or at risk of involvement with gangs.

  • Gang culture and identity 
  • How gang culture is developed
  • Strategies for working with young people involved in gangs
  • Government policy
  • The Criminal Justice system and gangs
  • Working with communities to tackle gang culture
  • Models of good practice

An understanding of:
  • UK gang development, and the impact on communities
  • Gang structures
  • Risks and Risk assessments
  • Referral pathways
  • How self-identity can be shaped and defined by gang membership
  • How self-identity can be re-defined to move young people away from gang culture
Cost: £98 per person.

How to join:

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