This blog is all that remains from the former website which was closed after 8 years of providing a 'wiki' of urban street gangs in London.

An unfinished history of modern urban street gangs in London has been used to replace some of the content of the original site, beginning here

Friday, 23 January 2015

London Street Gangs: A modern history (aiming to complete 2015...2016 bit late)

Been putting together bits and pieces from the old website, well sourced and referenced, in a chronological order - "London Street Gangs: A modern history".

Obviously given the nature of the website, it is largely a catalogue of crime and violence across London which will cover all races and nationalities.

Available Parts: 1980's

Part One: Young Raiders Posse
Part Two: The Farm
Part Three: The Yardies
Part Four: Operation Shampoo

Coming Next:

Part Five: Brixton Bwoy - British born groups, securities industry (late 1980's)
Part Six: Blondie - Stoke Newington police drug squad corruption (late 1980's)
Part Seven: National Front and Eltham Krays - racist gangs (early 1990's - some reference to 1970's)
Part Eight: Tuffy and Tyson (early 1990's)
Part Nine: 28's (early-mid 1990's cases)
Part Ten: Venom - Phillip Lawrence case, Triad influenced crews (mid-1990's)

The intention is that these parts, articles, will cover everything right through until the 2011 riots.

Probably will also look to critique how the Metropolitan Police response to gangs since 2012 has contributed to the proliferation of London gang crime into many surrounding counties, "infecting" previously unaffected towns with gangs - Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampshire etc..

Also, how "gangs" have adapted in response to police tactics and intelligence gathering by linking up with one another, shedding the old definers and symbolism that was rife in the 2007-2011 period (such as colours, hood videos and social media pages that are now seldom found), and how they have become more organised and focused around financial gain over conflicts.


  1. Thanks for all your hard work. Looking forward to the next installments. Any time estimates ?

  2. Great website. Looking forward to the new content. I found your page on defining 'gangs' invaluable. Alex Rose

  3. Looking forward to the updates, wish we could have the old site back.

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  7. What actually happened to the original site it was great