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Monday, 9 September 2013

RISE Project (Respect, Inspire, Support, Empower)

The RISE project launched in August 2009 is an initiative designed by young people for young people. It responds to specific communities needs, developing young people’s skills and helping them to contribute positively to their community. The young people involved with the project will be supported to pass on their valuable skills via a peer mentoring system.

The project uses ‘Stick-it’ an innovative first aid programme (based on the Young First Aider package) which reaches out to communities affected by knife and gun crime as a recruitment tool to engaged with young people disengaged from mainstream education and training to teach them basic first aid skills to save lives. The unique feature of the project is that it is outreach focused, which sees the existing St John Ambulance opportunities taken out into the local community and tailored to meet the ever changing needs of local young people. This has proven successful to date as the take up of the project has been fantastic.

“Stick it” is a programme created by St John Ambulance youth members to develop young people and provide them with new first aid skills. Launched in 2008 the workshops raise the awareness of how to deal with an injury inflicted by a gun or a knife and challenges the opinion that carrying a weapon is acceptable.

As the nation’s leading first aid charity we knew we had something special to offer young people with am aim of discouraging them from carrying a weapon, which we to help young people. The programme is trained by young people for young people, this element of the programme is the one I believe is the most important, peer to peer learning enables young people on the course to both feel relaxed and have the ability to relate to the trainers but also to see what young people of their age can do, to help stimulate and motivate them. The first aid training delivered on the course involves a range of emergency aid from CPR to dealing with stabbing and gunshot wounds, this element of the course allows for interactive learning by the young people whilst discussions surrounding their own experiences can be heard in a safe environment.

“Stick it” is unique in its structure and delivery, we aim not only to deliver new skills to young people but also to help them through discussions on knife and gun crime, sharing experiences and providing new opportunities to get involved with the organisation. To date the “Stick it” programme has trained over 2500 young people, this is 2500 young people in East London which are now more likely to save a life than take a life and this is the culture amongst all young people we want to create.

If you would like to take advantage of the programmes offered (see here) and are able to provide access to between 15 to 30 young people please contact or telephone 020 7780 9859.

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